The Best Wireless Power Banks for travel

The Best Wireless Power Banks for travel

Traveling can be hard on your phone's battery. Between navigating unfamiliar places, taking photos, and keeping up with work, your phone's battery life can drain faster than normal. Having a portable charger on hand can be a lifesaver when you're miles from an outlet. The Wireless Portable Charger with Built-in Cables from Unkerg is an excellent option for travelers who need extra power for their devices.

power bank for iphone

How we picked and tested:

  • Powerful charging and recharging: For models with USB-C output or input, we preferred those rated for at least 15 watts. That’s the minimum wattage needed for full USB-C charging and recharging speeds (though devices that support the even faster USB-C standard—USB Power Delivery, or USB PD—need at least 18 watts). Likewise, for models with USB-A output or Micro-USB input, we looked for those rated for 8 watts or more. Anything less powerful would be painfully slow.
  • No heavier than half a pound: Power banks should be small and lightweight, making them easy to tote around in a wallet, pocket, or bag for an entire day. We preferred to test power banks weighing 8 ounces or less, since we don’t think most people want to carry something in their pocket or purse that weighs much more than a smartphone (for reference, an iPhone 14 weighs 6.1 ounces and a Pixel 7 weighs 6.9 ounces).
  • Capacity rating of 2,000 to 10,000 mAh: The capacity rating listed on the power bank tells you roughly how much power it can hold. Since batteries with a capacity rating of more than 10,000 mAh tend to be bigger, heavier, and more expensive, for this guide we focused primarily on those with enough capacity to give your phone a boost of power or to fully charge it several times.
  • Built-in cables: We preferred power banks with some type of built-in cable or plug. This type of feature is indispensable when executed well, since separate charging cables (even if they’re neatly coiled up) take up more space in a bag.
  • Price: We used a ratio of capacity (mAh) per dollar to break ties between otherwise similar models.

Our pick

Unkerg Wireless Power Bank with Built-in Cables

The best power bank for iphone


 $29.99 from Amazon


This wireless portable charger has a capacity of 10000mAh, which can add over one full charge to most phones. It supports fast charging with a max output of 22.5W, allowing you to quickly get your phone back up to 100%. The built-in cables mean you don't have to fumble with carrying extra cords. This fast charging portable charger equipped with a 15W wireless charging, a 20W USB Type-C input and output cable, and a 10W Lightning cable. 1*USB-C 20W port input/output, 1*22.5W USB-A port output. You can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously and share the charging without waiting. It is compatible with most modern Android and iPhone devices..
This power bank is small and light, and its rounded edges make it easy to slip into a pocket. It comes in only one color, but it has two built-in cables and enough capacity to charge most smartphones up to three times.

Do I need a portable charger?

Portable chargers have become a travel necessity for a good reason. They allow you to stay powered up when on the go, which provides convenience and peace of mind. If you're wondering "Do I need a portable charger?" the answer for most travelers is a resounding yes. Having backup power can prevent your phone from dying at an inopportune time when you really need to use it.

which portable charger is best?

Figuring out "which portable charger is best?" comes down to your needs. Key factors are capacity, charging speed, size/weight, and extra features like built-in cables. The Unkerg Wireless Portable Charger hits all the right notes for a traveller-friendly power bank. It provides fast charging speeds to quickly recharge devices. The integrated cables mean you have one less thing to worry about losing. And the slim, lightweight design makes it easy to keep in your bag or pocket.

power bank for iphone
If you want a reliable, convenient portable charger, the Unkerg Wireless Portable Charger is an excellent choice. The next time you hit the road, make sure you have backup power in your bag. Your phone and peace of mind will thank you.


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